Parish Council

Here you can find a list of the current Parish Councillors for Thornham. There are also links to enable you to view or download the most recent Parish council documents, such as minutes of meetings. An archive of 2017 and earlier documents can be found further down the page, or directly from this link.

Parish Councillors

Name Position Telephone Email
Emma Bett Parish Councillor 01485 512209 Email
Ian Barratt Parish Councillor 01854 512033 Email
Alison Chesterman Vice Chair Email
Stephen Greef Parish Councillor Email
Antony Needham Parish Councillor 01485 512460 Email
Colin Venes Chairman 01485 512315 Email
Robert Gulliver Parish Councillor Email
Sarah Bristow Parish Clerk 01553 636499 Email

Latest Parish Council Documents

Full Council Agenda 9 October 2019

Thornham AGAR Oct 19

Full Council Minutes 10 July 2019